Bulawayo Community Art Workshop

Purple Hand Africa held a Community Art Workshop in Bulawayo from 22 to 26 July 2019. The workshop was held in partnership with Writers Café and Trans and Intersex Rising Zimbabwe (TIRZ). Other organisations working with the LGBTIQ community such as GALZ (An Association for LGBTI people in Zimbabwe) and Sexual Rights Center (SRC) gave their full support by sending some of their staff to assist in some of the sessions. To promote continuity and build a stronger national alliance three of the previous Harare workshop participants were selected to be co-facilitators whom we refer to as catalysts. 

The participants selected were a diverse group of 10 (1 lesbian,1 non binary individual,1 transwoman,1 bisexual man and 6 gay men) aged between 18 to 30 years of age. Through using art, we saw a lot of emotions coming out and together we learnt new ways of opening up about our deepest concerns.

The sessions varied from a training on sexuality and gender dynamics, self-actualization through art, group and individual counselling sessions, challenges and solutions and ended with the participants coming up with a group led creative advocacy campaign named #IBelong #WeBelong.