Have you ever stopped to think?

Have you ever stopped to think???

An interesting discussion, especially when you are from a community that is intolerant of sexual minorities. Among my group of friends I have some that have been subjected to being prayed for by pastors that end up preying on them under the cover of the night. Then others got their independent key at the exposure of their sexuality, not in a happy way, but to a home on the streets. Some got banished from spending the festive with family as it was going to start a sensitive discussion that the family could not have. In worse scenarios others are beaten up, arrested or even worse murdered. Just yesterday I read of an activist who was stabbed in Cape Town and earlier on I came across a twitter screen grab of a well-known gospel singer with a gay brother who wrote on his wall that he was happy to have spent the week with his brother and he has nothing else to say, but to point him in the direction of the Lord. This tweet sent me back to a time when the word hell rang like a gong in my ear just because I felt happier loving another man.

Recently a friend of mine found out that his best friend is gay and confronting the friend my mind was brought back to my own coming out. The poor guy could not even spell his sexuality clearly as he is afraid of judgement. I wonder why it is so difficult for the world to just let people be, why love has to be codified in laws and result in people being criminalised. Coming out is therapeutic, it is finally opening up your real self to the ones you love and even better when it is not met with any judgement.

70 countries are still criminalising consensual same sex activity. Zimbabwe is one of the countries. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what effects such laws have on the sexual and gender minority friends, family or acquaintances surrounding us? I long for the day when we do not need to come out, when we can just be and we can just be accepted. To my friend who is still struggling to come out, reach out to some support and let it out. You are never alone.