Corona Effects on the Zimbabwean Rainbow Family

Corona Effects on the Zimbabwean Rainbow Family

Last night I watched a war movie with people scrambling to hide their most vulnerable from the enemy that was approaching and others getting ready with armour to strike back and eventually they managed to conquer the enemy. At least this was a fight where they could actually see who the enemy was. Currently the world over is fighting an invisible enemy, COVID-19. This is a time we never imagined having to survive through in our lifetime, where it is now mandated for us to either stay at home or wear masks to protect each other from the spread and having to go through a dozen sanitizer sprays as you go about your daily business. This has also brought with it job loss as industries had to go through a lockdown period losing income and having to retrench some staff. Others in my home country where many depend on informal trade which doesn’t give much for one to have savings to fall back on when times are hard completely losing their income. The government has been giving meagre relief to the marginalized, but among the marginalized who has been thinking of the sexual and gender minorities among us…

Purple Hand Africa was lucky enough to be permitted to revisit some of our participants in Bulawayo, Gweru and Harare recently where we discussed about how COVID-19 had affected their lives. A majority have lost their source of income which has meant going hungry without enough food supplies in the home. 

Some have had to endure living under lockdown with families that do not accept them for who they are and suffer various forms of verbal and in some instances physical abuse. With others having to endure stressful periods and panic of thinking about the incurable COVID-19 affecting them without someone to talk to who could understand and relate with them on a personal level.Then others have been involuntarily outed as they could not hide themselves for any longer or evidence of their sexuality inevitably exposed itself when they could not leave the house. So many things have happened to our community and many have been left in despair. But as a rainbow community we always see a light at the end of the tunnel and a rainbow in the distance after the rain.

In our little ways we have been able to receive some support which has been managing to provide some in need with food parcels and masks to stay safe from corona, all thanks to our partners. We however continue to receive more calls for help and would like to extend the ask to anyone who will be able to assist with any form of material or monetary support to help fill up our support basket. This can be done through reaching us either on phone (+263 78 625 9593) or email

Together we can fight this