How to disinfect toxicity from your lockdown space

How to Disinfect Toxicity from your Lockdown Space

Governments have been investing in disinfecting their countries and taking measures to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. The majority world has adopted the lockdown strategy, while this is possibly the best way to deal with Covid-19, it has created a great breeding ground for homophobia and toxicity in most homes where LGBTIQ people reside.

As LGBTIQ people we also need to engage mechanism to help us deal with homophobia during the lockdown as it is a deadly virus that has taken and destroyed several LGBTIQ lives.

We have noted down a few strategies one can use to try and protect themselves and disinfect their space from toxic behaviours and treatment from people you might currently be stuck with.

Avoid Toxic Situations

Try to avoid spending too much time with homophobic people. Spend more time surrounding yourself with queer positivity. Use this time to learn self-love and celebrate your identity. Music, art, reading, writing and other forms of entertainment could help you through this tough period. As Purple Hand Africa, we are always glad to share eBooks whenever possible or sharing links that can be helpful.

Support system

Technology has been a great blessing, it has enabled us to sustain old relationships, build new relationships as well as find comfort in each other. Whenever you feel overwhelmed and the homophobia starts getting to you, remember you are not alone. Find people to talk to, there is several group chats that have been created on various social media platforms, make use of those. In times like this it is essential to talk to people who will help you reaffirm your identity and remain positive.

You are worthy

You are worthy

Often times we may be subjected to emotional abuse, pushing us into depression and making us question so many things about our lives. For such times look for a mantra you can use to calm yourself and build your inner peace. Your identity is one of the most beautiful things about you and no matter what they say, you deserve love and you are worthy. There is nothing wrong with who you are, if anything, who you are is everything good and right about this world.

Get Help

Get Help!!!

Suicide has claimed so many young LGBTIQ lives, your family might not appreciate or love you for who you are but someone out there needs you and you have your own future to build. If ever you feel at your lowest and want to give up, GET HELP!!! At the bottom of this article you will find contact details of people you can get in touch with and they will link you to the right places where you can get counselling or whatever help you might need.

Remember the lockdown is only temporary but your identity is permanent, this too shall come to pass and may you come out of it stronger and gayer.