Protect your sanity

Protect your Sanity

The past few months have been chaotic with the spreading of Covid-19, leading to most countries going on lockdown. Social media and various other information platforms have been focused on giving people tips on how to maintain their physical health in relation to Covid-19. However not many have been focusing on the mental health implications, especially on the LGBTIQ community in Zimbabwe and generally most countries where LGBTIQ identities are still marginalised.

The recent announcement by the Government of Zimbabwe saw most people having no choice, but to spend their days in homes where they are not loved or accepted and often times subjected to verbal and physical abuse. In times like this, it is of great importance for people to adopt coping mechanisms and strategies that can help bring inner peace and mental wellness. As we are aware that for us to survive such a pandemic, we need to be in a sound mental space.

Social media and the spread of news have been a source of anxiety and depression for most people. It is advisable for people to stick to reliable news outlets such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) website for any information on Covid-19. This will help avoid panicking and stressing over information that is often times not truthful. Individuals should work on finding other ways to occur their time and take their mind from the stressful events happening globally. 

Activities such as writing, reading, listening to music and art have a calming and healing effect. These are activities that can also help one to reflect more on themselves as well, which is healthy and helps in making future plans too. Hope always keeps us alive and stronger 😊

Support structures within the LGBTIQ community also need to be strengthened. There is need to check up on each other, reaffirming each other’s identities and generally making sure no one feels as if they are all alone. 

Most of our us are stuck in homes where we have to hide our identities and are forced to pretend to be people we are not, so as to maintain the peace.  As individuals we need to take it upon ourselves to help each other through these trying times. Creating WhatsApp group chats, checking in on our friends as well as reaching out in any way that we can, could go a long way in maintaining a healthy mindset.

Above all let us work on protecting ourselves from Covid-19, and at the same time be kind to ourselves and each other so as to keep healthy minds and bodies. Even though it might be hard, let us also do our best to stay at home, so that we can keep ourselves and the others we love safe too. Together we can conquer this