Quarterly Newsletter 1-2019

Quarterly Newsletter 1-2019

Dear Friends and Supporters of Purple Hand Africa

This has been an interesting time in Africa in regards to LGBTIQ rights as Botswana and Kenya are in court challenging the laws that criminalise LGBTIQ people in their countries. Purple Hand Africa is rallying together with other LGBTIQ organisations in Africa in supporting our fellow colleagues towards the fight. At the same time we hope that someday Zimbabwe will see its day when our courts can allow us to challenge the repealing of the oppressive policies on consensual same sex relations in our homeland.

It’s that time again, April has arrived and therefore it is high time for the first quarterly newsletter of 2019. We herewith wish to share the highlights of the past three months with you.

Introduction to our Trustees and Advisors

Purple Hand Africa was fortunate enough to receive support of individuals that are highly driven and passionate to bring about a change in the Zimbabwean LGBTIQ community.


Founder of The Fruit Basket, an organisation that advocates for trans migrant rights in Johannesburg, South Africa and a Graphic Designer by profession.

Kudzaishe Gwini - PHA Team

Accountant by profession currently studying towards a Masters of Business Administration from University of the People, and a graduate in Bachelors Accounting 

Purple Hand Africa official registration

Purple Hand Africa was officially registered as a charitable trust on 4 February 2019.

December to March Highlights

Since December we have been conducting meet-ups with individual and group LGBTIQ community members where we meet to discuss our daily concerns and assisting with referral to already available services. In addition, we are using some of the findings as part of a survey to improve on our planned projects.

Monthly Meetups in partnership with Writers Cafe

Millz sharing with the participants at the meet-up
Millz - Artistic Director of Writers Cafe sharing with the participants at the meetup
Group photo after meetup
Group photo after meetup

The meetups led to the monthly safe space meetups we have in partnership with Writer’s Cafe. The first one was held on 23 February themed, The Next Line, where we spoke about the next line in our life endeavours despite the challenges faced in Zimbabwe. This was an effective inclusive safe space event which helped us to open up to our peers and become a support structure for each other as a community.

Read all about it here

Our Stories

The Zimbabwean media portrays the LGBTIQ community in a negative light and so we took the opportunity to use our social media as a platform to showcase our own stories as the LGBTIQ community, termed, Our Stories. This is a platform where we seek to write stories of LGBTIQ people from their own voices.

Please click here to read some of these inspiring and educating stories.

Expressive Art Workshops

In April we will kick-start our first project of Expressive Art Workshops. The first one is going to be a month’s training of catalysts that will spearhead the project in other parts of Zimbabwe on a quarterly basis, starting in May. The Expressive Art Workshops aim to assist the LGBTIQ community with methods of improving emotional well-being, peer support and creative campaigns against oppression. 


As an organisation that seeks to fill gaps in service provision for the LGBTIQ community we established working partnerships with organisations already working with the LGBTIQ community. Some of the partnerships created include the following:

  • Writer’s Cafe – an organisation that creates inclusive space for wellness through writing. Together we partner in holding safe space activities with the LGBTIQ and straight ally community members, through creative writing as a way of addressing issues of our well being and integration into mainstream society. Writers Cafe will also partner with us in facilitating Purple Hand Africa’s Community Art Workshops, since the founder, Millz has extensive experience in theatre writing and performance.
  • We are also in the process of establishing a partnership with Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe – an oldest serving LGBTIQ organisation in Zimbabwe which seeks to promote, represent and protect the rights and interests of LGBTIQ people through: Advocacy, lobbying, Empowerment, Education, Research and Provision of safe spaces. In our partnership they will support us with referral of beneficiaries into participation in our projects.

Dear Friends, Supporters and Partners

We would like to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your ongoing interest and support. Also we thank you for sharing this newsletter within your networks.

We wish you a wonderful and prosperous time ahead.

Purple Hand Africa team

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