Rainbow Journeys

Rainbow Journey Feb 2020 Newsletter

Purple Hand Africa officially launched its rainbow journey of empowerment in 2019.Throughout the year we managed to build partnerships with various organisations as well as impact lives of many LGBTIQ people through Community Art Workshops, Enterprise Skills Development and our Rainbow Development Center.

Rainbow Development Centre

The rainbow development center is set up in a homely set up with access to queer friendly literature. The aim of the center is to provide a safe haven where LGBTIQ identifying individuals as well as allies can access information on gender and sexuality, that is positive as well as educational. In addition the center is also open to be used by other organisations working in the sector. It has become a hive for great innovative ideas exchanges and also a place where we meet to sometimes brainstorm on our projects and various work purposes.

Discussion at the Rainbow Development Centre with Enterprise Skills Development Project participants
Safe Space
Participants in the project getting the chicks to the market
Livelihood Promotions

Enterprise Skills Development 

Through the enterprise skills development we started a poultry project.  The participants in the project where referred by our partner organisations namely GALZ (An Association for LGBTI People in Zimbabwe), Rise Above Women Organisation and Transsmart. The group started off with a batch of 100 chicks and will be continuing have continued with the project with a 100 more, with also a new intake having 100 other chicks. The projects seeks to reduce unemployment challenges within the LGBTIQ community as well as build financial independence and security. The participants received formal training in poultry farming, marketing, bookkeeping and financial literacy.

Community Art Workshops

Mental wellness has remained a huge gap in the service provision for LGBTIQ people in Zimbabwe. Hence Purple Hand Africa has been active in rolling out Community Art Workshops in 4 provinces in the country. The project is meant to push for active participation in community art, leading to improved self-concept and sense of control over one’s life, improved happiness, life satisfaction and ambition. Providing an experience of collective effectiveness and engagement, which spurs participants to come up with creative campaigns used for advocacy and lobbying for policies. Thereby leading to an improvement of livelihoods through use of art and facilitation skills. In the project we are partnering with Trans and Intersex Rising Zimbabwe (TIRZ) and Writers’ Cafe. The project has been warmly received and has been bringing about a great impact in psycho social support provisions for the LGBTIQ people in Zimbabwe. 

Participants painting the rainbow flag during a Community Art Workshop exercise
Participants painting the rainbow flag during a Community Art Workshop exercise

Conferences and Gatherings

In 2019 Purple Hand Africa also got the chance to be represented at various key gatherings where we were able to represent what the organisation is about as well as form networks and partnerships with various key organisations and people. The conferences included:

  • The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum Fellowship 2019
  • 2019 kopano – Expanding Space for LGBTI Activism in Southern Africa
  • The Nairobi Summit on ICPD25

A Big Thank You to our partners who made our 2018/2019 journey a success