Writing as Medicine for the Mind

Writing As Medicine for the Mind

I remember the time I experienced my very first heartbreak, as a young gay boy still finding my way around in a society where being gay is a taboo, I had noone to share my deep hurt with. My only escape was my pen on paper, which was willing to listen to every single letter I poured out. I won’t forget how writing helped me get through one of my most difficult times as a teenager who was just starting to learn about love and its complications. This was a memory that vividly came to my mind when we had our March Expressive Writing Camp.

As a way of curbing the spread of COVID 19 we all had to go for tests and gladly we were all negative. This time around we also worked on introducing a new dimension to the camp, whereby we focused more on doing the actual writing. Joining us in our facilitation of the camp’s activities where two friends of PHA, Rekha Saleela Nair (Personal Brand Strategist, Consultant and coach | Founder : Dragonflies Everywhere) from India and Ranya Trabelsi (LLM Graduate | Writer) from Tunisia. Together we delivered an exciting and knowledge filled workshop which covered areas on Breaking Writer Barriers, Changing the Narrative With Radical Self Acceptance, Writers Toolkit, Moving from a state of Ego System into an EcoSystem and Collaborative Writing.

The workshop helped participants to leave with so much knowledge and a mindset shift. It was interesting how most had doubts about managing to partake in collaborative writing, based on the idea of how personal writer’s take their work. However after the many interesting exercises we did on Collaborative Writing, most of us left with space with an appreciation of collaborative work towards effecting change.

On that note, we will leave you with this beautiful work that came from the Collaborative Writing segment of the workshop.

Faces in Spaces

The world perceives “first” to be 

The centre of all greatness

Pure perfection they say

But in my eyes she was the best

My butterflies somersaulted 

Like the circles in my tummy

I forgot to breathe for a moment

And the future flashed before my eyes

I saw her faces in spaces

Only happily ever afters existed


Their voices got loud sometimes

Well, all the time

They whispered in our ears

Sparking insecurities, fear and worthlessness

For years I yearned for a place to belong

Somewhere to be us and free

Where our love could have been accepted

A place where their rejection 

Didn’t force you to shut me out

I found the seed of freedom

Resting in the palms of a love

I couldn’t hold the need,

A tender loving adoration

Yet the distance left me sweaty,

Knees down before a burning church

The freedom bloomed in the silent cracks of my closet

And spread across like an adult highway

When I held your hand inside mine

I let love and freedom bloom here

I never needed to come out

I needed a love worthy of lifting mountains

When a stoner like me throws pebbles


Written by: Eppy, MizBlaQ, P.C Rayanne

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